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When it comes to cost, durability, and appearance, there is simply no more effective way to surface a driveway, parking lot, or roadway than with asphalt.
NYS Enterprises is the leading asphalt paving company in Washington. From large industrial and commercial jobs to private driveways and everything in-between, we do it all. Our years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that you receive a top-notch asphalt surface every time.
We understand that every asphalt project, large or small, has many factors associated with it. We ask the right questions so that we can engineer a solution that meets your specific needs. You can rest assured that you will never pay for something that you do not need.
Other paving contractors often fail to account for drainage issues when they lay a new surface. We are the drainage experts. You will never see a NYS asphalt surface with puddling or drainage problems.
Proper maintenance is fundamental to the longevity of your asphalt surface. We service large and small paving projects, and offer customized maintenance packages for every completed asphalt job.
A proper sealcoating easily doubles the life of your asphalt paved surface. Asphalt is vulnerable to the elements. Exposure to sun, wind, and water causes your pavement to harden and dry out, leading to cracking and further deterioration. Sealcoating combats this breakdown by providing a waterproof membrane over your pavement.
Our cutting-edge sealcoating process utilizes a spray and squeegee technique, which translates into high quality and increased longevity. Whether simply filling minor cracks or sealing entire parking lot surfaces, you can confidently look to NYS to fulfill all your seal coating needs.
Concrete's characteristic strength, durability and resistance to chemical breakdown often make it the obvious choice for hard surface installations. In such cases, Nys Enterprises' skilled staff will identify the proper application for your precise requirements and provide it efficiently and cost effectively.
Our personnel provide in-house service on a variety of concrete applications, including:
    check-mark Flat Work
    check-mark Foundations
    check-mark Retaining Walls/Interlocking Block
    check-mark Stairs
    check-mark Stamped & Exposed Aggregate Finishes
    check-mark ADA Compliant Handicap Ramps
    check-mark Saw Cutting
    check-mark Special Applications
Please feel free to inquire about any of your concrete needs.
Laying custom curbing is the finishing touch on many asphalt and/or concrete jobs. NYS Enterprises routinely lays extruded curbing as part of its asphalt and paving services. Whether it's for landscape retention, drainage assistance or aesthetic value, extruded curbing is extremely efficient and cost effective. Extruded curbing is poured wet and glued onto the surface of your lot and therefore is unobtrusive and in many cases requires no excavation. We offer a great selection of different sized and shaped molds in the industry, providing our customers with a great variety of distinct profiles. Our experienced crew can also handle the more difficult task of repairing and restoring damaged or crumbling concrete curbing.

Whether you're investing in a durable, well-protected asphalt surface or are just restriping your lot, you'll want a high caliber striping job. Striping quality refers to both functionality and aesthetics. Expert layout and striping promote the functionality of parking surfaces through the effective and efficient use of available space. On the visual side, as frosting is what you see on a cake, so striping is what you see in a parking lot. The aesthetic avalue of your property is highlighted with a well-done stripng job.

Our 3000 psi airless Graco machines deliver crisp, straight lines with consistency. We use only WSDOT traffic paint, the longest-lasting paint available. Our custom stencils and layouts are designed to your specifications. With professional and talented operators, your striping work is in experienced hands.

Other Services
NYS expert crews provide a whole host of services in addition to our core offerings. 
   check-mark Channel Drains
   check-mark French Drains
   check-mark Catch Basins
Specialized Traffic and Directional Products
   check-mark Durastripe/Thermo Plastic
   check-mark Safety Signs
   check-mark Buttons ("Turtles")
   check-mark Speed Bumps
   check-mark ADA Ramps
   check-mark Sports Courts
   check-mark Pressure Washing
   check-mark Snow Plowing
   check-mark Grading/Dozing
   check-mark Hauling

If there are other services you might require, please do not hesitate to ask!